About Us

CANUK Productions - An International Company

"Canuck" - Slang for Canadian / CANUK Productions - A Canadian, British (and Irish) owned firm!

CANUK Productions works with IP owners, animation studios, distributors and producers from around the world to create high-end, multi-platform, quality content for children, families and adults.

CANUK has established key contacts within the global animation industry specialsing in Britain, Canada and Europe.  The company attends annual markets and festivals and is available for Representation, Executive Producing and Consultancy. 

CANUK’s aim is to promote and develop original IP in partnership with global studios for worldwide sales. CANUK is keen to engage in new opportunities and with fresh talent.

At CANUK we are passionate about animation in all of its forms. We utilize Canada, Britain and Ireland's treaty status, including the UK’s tax breaks in support of original new projects on both sides of the pond.

We aim to represent the next generation in animation, particularly for female-led, diverse and inclusive stories and team; on screen and behind the scenes!

In the UK 

CANUK helps animation studios fund, develop, produce and distribute content internationally.  

In Canada 

CANUK advises distributors, broadcasters and studios looking to break into the British market. 


CANUK provides representation and bespoke consultancy for animation studios, broadcasters and distributors. 

If you'd like to work with CANUK get in touch here.